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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 34 (In which I can't make the DAMN AUDIO MATCH!!!)

And welcome to the belated one year anniversary flail. This is going to start out pretty straight forward, but should get better at the ending, so bear with me.

We take the first set of stairs down, grabbing a few chests on the way, one of which has a Tiny Medal, which is good... I still don't know where to take them, but at least I've got a good amount of them by now... I think.

I can tell right away that I'm going to absolutely hate this place:

Very mazeish.
Yep, I'm going to hate it here.

It's a bit labyrinthine, and I think that the encounter rate has gone up on this floor, though I could be mistaken. I'm having to rely on the auto battle system quite a lot, because I don't know the good spells, and everything down here is pretty strong compared to me. I'm also having to wander a lot, because I'm finding a lot of rooms set up like this.

That's just a little too obvious, yeah.
Something about these just screams Mimic to me, but then again I'm also a pessimist.

Even I don't remember what MP drain looks like in Katakana. -Ed.
Son of a bitch, I think I'm psychic... That or I've just played way too many RPGs in my lifetime. That wasn't as hard a battle as I expected, though, since it seems if you MP drain the mimic, he will instantly MP drain back the next turn, and won't attack. That's what auto battle showed me, at least, and I wish I knew which attack was MP drain.

Moving on, I can't actually tell you the best way to go through this place, but I will tell you, you might want to be a few levels higher than me when you go through here, because I'm getting my butt kicked. I'm trying to keep all of the MP I can on hand, but the issue is that REALLY limits the amount of combat I can do, so I have to run a lot, which is getting harder and harder to do.

But I made it to the Zelda switch!

If anybody tries to make us play an ocarina, we're leaving.
Which lowers the water level, as I had hoped. Here's hoping we see a boss soon.

Dragon Quest VI and VII actually have a job system that make you hesitant to level-grind excessively, because if your level's too high you stop gaining job levels. Isn't that just so fucking clever?
Son of a bitch!

If this bullshit wasn't enough, now we have to deal with a lock system, and we're raising and lowering water left and right. Isn't that just a blast? I think I want to punch someone in the gnads for this. Still, it's my fault for not being insanely over-leveled, I guess. I'll try to get some of that done tomorrow, since we seem to gain job levels here.

And we all died... well, I guess I'm going to do that leveling now, to save this flail.

And we return, five levels and... Wow, really? Three and a half hours later. I think we managed to max out the jobs we're on, that or the area just stopped giving out job points because our levels are too high. Either way, I'm convinced that we can make it, this time.

The combat isn't a lot easier, to be honest, but we're able to run away a LOT faster, so I'll take it.

And it looks like we're at the boss!

Goo goo g'joob.
And this is where we end the written portion of the program, and move on to the surprise!

And I hope you all enjoyed that, because if you didn't, then I feel dumb. After we defeat King Fishface, we're pleased to watch him explode.

And are then shown a giant hole through the earth. Hooray holes through the earth!

So... this walrus...Which is quickly filled in by, not only a new island, but a whole new town!

...was somehow keeping a town underwater?
That's urban development for you.

And now, I guess that we return to King Spongebob, and talk to him for a damn reward. it's about freaking time, too. But we'll handle that all tomorrow... because everyone is out of MP, so I have to fight my way out of here... shit.

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