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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 35 (Apparently in Dragon Quest it's NOT hard to find jobs...)

And we're back for Thursday, and I for once don't know what to do first! It's so exciting to have too many ideas where to go! Do we speak with King Spongebob, or do we head to the other world and check out that island/ town that came up out of the water? I think the first thing to do is going to be speaking with the king, to see if we get a reward.

Actually no, I think the first thing I'm going to do is switch out my two magic users for the other two, and get them some job levels. I figured out how to do this totally by accident, and I figured it was time to level them up.

Ok, on second thought that might not be the best idea, because they're both about 10 levels behind the rest of us, and neither of them have healing magic. I settled on this configuration, for the sake of not dying.

So, George/Carver/Hassan, Elf/Milly/Mireille, Casper/Ashlynn/Barbara, and uh... Hero/Hero/Hero.
So we settle on having Casper in the group for a while, so we can get her some job levels.
I don't think she has any job at the moment, so it's off to the castle with the job king in it to remedy that, as well as find some new ones for Hero, George and Elf.

I think that's 'No Job.'
I don't know what this class is, but it looks like it might make Hero more useful in combat, so I'll go with it. Honestly, I don't know what classes I've picked for him so far, but it's been at random, and it hasn't worked so well for him. This time I'm going to pay more attention to numbers.

It's Battlemaster/Gladiator, so you're close!
Whatever this is looks really good for George, and lots of nice numbers I recognize go up, which I like. Of course that's only HP/MP, so it could be some class like "honored meat shield," where all he can do is block attacks for people. Is that a class? If so, it shouldn't be one.

Sadly he caught the arrow mid-blink, so I'm clueless. -Ed.
None of the classes really look like a step up for Casper, so I'll go with this one because it makes her stats hit the roof. I'm starting to wonder if I picked a job for the hero, or if I told him not to have any job... hmm, I'll worry about that later.

Ah, then it's Magic User!
And I guess I'll give Elf the same job, since it's the only class that doesn't tank her MP, which she needs to keep us alive.

Our hero has no class.
Yep, I totally removed Hero's job. I think he needs one of those, so I'll pick something with some sort of magic boost, since he's not doing great in a battle.

I wonder if I can remember which class gives healing spells...

Yup, that's Priest!
Is this it? If I went back and looked at older posts, I could probably figure it out, but where would the fun in that be, eh?

Shit, this post is turning out to just be about new jobs, isn't it? Well I had best move on to the under sea kingdom if I want this to have anything interesting in it.

Dragon Quest maps are really only useful for determining where you haven't been yet.
This post is now about me remembering where I can find the goddamn undersea pineapple kingdom. Shit. Uhh, it was somewhere on the east side of the map, wasn't it? I guess we'll start looking there. I remember there being a staircase under water, so that's what I'm looking for... I think.

Here we go.
Was this it? I guess we'll find out what the answer to that question is soon enough!

Well, his kingliness does seem happy to see us, or maybe just surprised since he sent us into the temple of unending anal violation by things with tentacles. He also mentions something with the numbers two and three, which I'm not sure about...

Down 3, up 2?
Is he asking how many times we were violated? Because it's a lot damn more than two or three, I can tell you that much. He also mentions the number one later on, and because he's just that nice a guy, he doesn't give us SHIT for all of the hard work we've done for him. What an asshole! I hope that he dries up and dies! Did you catch the Spongebob reference? Probably not, because most dorks would NEVER watch a cartoon show intended for children, am I right? I know I never do!

I'm glad I'm not Pinocchio.

Now I'm going to call it here for tomorrow's big update, but I wanted to ask you to leave feedback about an idea I've had. I can do more videos, and I know how to get the audio to match up properly, the problem is that the game sound quality will go down. I'll have a poll put up, and if you guys want I'm willing to do one of those a week for Fridays. Just let us know what you think.

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