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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 38 (Nothing good can come of this...)

And we're back, and I spent a good bit of time just trying to figure out where I'm supposed to go. Luckily, I ran into a tired old man, at about hour 3.

I'd talked to this guy before, so I hadn't expected him to do or say anything, but to be honest I was getting desperate, and figured anything was worth a try. I don't know what he just gave me, but I can't find those symbols in my inventory, and had to resort to trying everything I have... For the second time today.

It was, however, totally worth it.

Well, you don't know what we can find.
Which is exactly the same as the flying bed, except for one major difference...

and that is that I can use it in the other world! I bet there are huge areas of the map that I can get to now, that I couldn't before!

Or... just one place, so far. It's in the southwestern corner of the world map, somewhere I hadn't explored before. There's an island that's got a whole, wacky butt-crunch of mountains on it, and while you can get to the island before hand to explore, you can't get past this part right here.

Well, at least it was obvious.
But now that we have a flying throw rug... or maybe the comforter off of the bed? Probably a magic carpet, but I want to think of it as a cover that let's you fly. Anyway, we can pass over this small, almost uninteresting body of water, now that we've flashed our boobs to the right people.

And what does this get us, for all of the twenty minutes of searching?

Looks a little deserty. Or deserted. One of those.
A castle! I hope there's a weapon shop or something inside, because I still don't think I've managed to get the right equipment back on Hero, and that'll be a big problem.

Originally that stuff was supposed to be swampland, but I think Dragon Quest abandoned that idea a while back.
Call me wacky, but I don't think there's going to be an item shop in here. The pools of poison really do hint at that fact, and I'm always willing to take a hint. Let's see what sort of trouble we're getting ourselves into, shall we?

There is a man here that looks really excited, and said something, also excitedly. I guess that there's nothing here, aside from a well. And by now we all know what wells mean, so I enter it to get ready to go to the upper world, thing.

Well, this side looks a bit better, and we're greeted by a guard who rushes up to us.

Since I haven't mentioned it since the wells first appeared, I'd like to point out that this game came out in Japan approximately a year before Inuyasha.
I hate to use the term "excitedly" again so soon, but that's what I would be if some stranger just popped out of a well next to me out of nowhere. He speaks with me for a bit, probably about the Carter administration, then hauls me inside and lets me wander around on my own. I have to admit, it's one of the prettier castles I've seen, even if it's not huge.

Kind of reminds me of Dragon Quest I.
I just really like the little garden thing, and I can't explain why.

Moving on, I notice that there's a room with a lot of guards training where the single standing room is in the other world, and that's probably important in some way. Now, since there's nothing going on down here, we'll head up the stairs and see what we run into.

For those who don't know, AngeliqueDaemon typically edits the text while I caption the pictures. -Rob
A good old SNES/SF style FMV, I guess. The king seems to be rallying the men, which is good for morale. Rally, it is. [Ed note: I hate you]

The troops leave, and I, being the sort of guy I am, follow after them to see what's going on, so I don't get trapped in a plot point. Up two floors from here there's a bunch of guards, and I think I can just make out the edge of a circle on the floor of a room. Either they're filming a new episode of Fullmetal Alchemist in there, or someone's thinking of summoning a demon.

This never ends well.

I spoke with the guard on the door, and he asked me something, and I said no. He's probably asking me if I want to go in, and I want to see if there's somewhere I can rest or save, first. I don't want to miss anything, if I can help it at all...

Aside from the woman in the kitchen giving me some food, or healing item, I guess I'm boned. time to go in and see if we can summon a demon.

This is not good.
Yep, this is going to end badly. Really, really bad, to be quite frank.

I speak with the guard again, and one of his cannon fodders-in-training runs off. Hopefully he was going to get someone with a brain, to stop this... Nope, it looks to me like he was just running off to find the biggest idiot he could corral:

Nope, if the king was stupid enough to do this, he's stupid enough to kill/banish anybody who disagreed.
Then came back to complete the stupid ritual. I really hope that whatever this is eats him. It might not even be a demon, though. It could be a dragon, or some sort of magical skink... Maybe even an army of kittens. Here's hoping this is a threat that can be distracted by a ball of yarn.

'The summoning will pay for itself! We'll be greeted as liberators!'
That would have to be a pretty fucking big ball of yarn...

And I hate to do it, but I'm going to have to cut it off in the middle of this scene because I've got a good bit of housework to do. Don't worry, I'll have more for you in the next installment of Moronic King Z.

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