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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 40 (Cold as a witch's testicles)

And we begin our Thursday update by looking for more new and strange things! I did manage to find something fairly easily, and not too far from where we got that nifty armor yesterday. I was scouting out the area, or at least the bottom left quarter of the map, when I found this interesting place:

This Significant Plateau(TM) provided by...
Is this the only place on the planet it snows? Probably, but let's not question it out of hope that it's what we're looking for, kay?

Well I'll give this place credit, it certainly is the least lively town I've been to. I mean, I've been given the cold shoulder before, but this place is impressive on a whole new level of standoffish-ness.

Sub-Zero probably does all his training here.
Never marry a woman from this town, she would be a total ice princess. Oh! Do we have to find or fight an ice princess? That would be kind of ironic, and fitting in with the humor you tend to see in this game series. Time to look around for a bit to see what we come across!

We've got central heating!
This was honestly not what I was expecting. Since everyone is frozen upstairs, this guy lets us stay at the inn. Pretty handy if we end up getting into any major fights.

After I found the man hiding in the basement, I looked around the rest of the town for a while and aside from a tiny medal, I've only found one other thing that's of any interest:

He survived because he had to have the thermostat at 80. This happened in summer.
A really old dude. Now as we all know, old dudes are a valuable source of local history, and lore. I'm sure this guy could tell me all sorts of interesting things that I need to know, but it's almost like he's speaking a language that I don't understand... Perhaps Greek? No, Polish!... Wait, could it be Japanese?... Nah.

He doesn't say much to us when we speak to him, but the moment we try to leave he pops right up and gabs at us for a good three screens. He's probably warning us to stay away from something, somewhere...

Time to go looking for something, somewhere.

I make a quick stop by the church, which I had forgotten to check, and I find myself a nun-sicle.

Nuns are often cold, but this is ridiculous.
It turns out that I can save here, even though there's no one to confess to (Was it confession? I'm not sure I remember) unless I've just sitting there and talking to the snow-nun about all of the horrible things I've done, like take part in a demon summoning. Absolution is great, isn't it?

Anyway, I guess we should start looking for what to do next? Do you think it's a tower? I'm going to guess it's a tower.

Cave-Castle-Tower IS 33% harder than Knifey-Spoony, after all.
Shit, I suck at this. I guess that I'll take the bottom cave since it's closer, and close my eyes and hope really, really hard that there isn't any sort of ice sliding. I feel reassured that there won't be, since this isn't a Pokemon game.

...make that SIX things Pokemon got from Dragon Quest!
SON OF A BITCH! (Told you they had a lot in common- Rob)

Alright, time to focus. I hate ice puzzles, but I can do this. I can do this!


I did! All you have to do is go around the room counter-clockwise! It's that damn easy!


Epithet to some, mythology to the Japanese.
It's an ice princess! She only talks to me for a moment and then nothing at all... Shit, did I miss something in town? I need to find a trigger, now... HOW THE HELL DO I GET BACK OUT?! Oh, you go clockwise, that's how.

I head back to town to talk to the old man and innkeeper, since I thought they were the only people left in town. Turns out that I was wrong!

It's Ski-Cap Trunks!
It's the guy with the coffin from that one town, who never puts away his damn sword for some unknown reason... Maybe he just really likes it a lot? Probably, I like my sword... And by sword, I mean... you know... A forged medal blade, roughly four feet in length. *wink*

Back to snow bitch town we go, and when we speak with her again she talks a good bit more, and asks us a question. Since my default answer is always yes, unless I'm in a bad mood, that's what I pick. After we're done talking, the bitch changes her wardrobe right in front of our eyes.

I have heard the story That Guy alludes to- it confuses and frightens me.
This is actually one of the reasons I stopped going to goth clubs. I'm not even kidding, and it's NEVER the people you want to see changing in front of you... The horror... The horror...

If I know my cliches, because we didn't have to fight her, that means that something else big is coming. We'll head back to town and then head to the cave up north, after we've saved. There's probably something up there she wants us to get... Or not...

A well thawed-out plan.
Well this place sure is a lot less Popsicle than the last time I was here. That's fine by me, really. There's a weapon or armor shop here, and I plan on going straight to it.

So we'll be back tomorrow with more. It looks to me like I'm going to be doing the Friday video updates, but I won't be able to start tomorrow because of a computer malfunction I need to work out. I'm really going to try to get it corrected, because it'll make the video quality better, I hope. So we'll have the standard big Friday update, and next week we'll have a video for you, again! Keep reading!

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