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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 42 (Did I... did I just score?)

And we're back for Monday, and I think I've found something!

There's a town south of the temple we take between worlds, and the last time I found it while looking for a plot event, they kicked me out at the gate. This time however, things are a bit different!

Does anybody get in or out without this key item? How have they not starved to death in there?
I noticed that the guard mentioned the item that I got from the man in red in the snow church, and let me in! Of course I managed not to take a picture of him mentioning it, because I have stupid fingers, but I figured I'd throw one in there anyway. PROFESSIONALISM!

Anyway, this is one of the most confusing towns I've been in so far. I honestly don't know if it's all one building, or if it's a town inside one building, or what. I have to admit, it's a bit disorienting to me. Lack of sleep hasn't helped either, and in case you had any doubts, no I did not find time to power level over the weekend. I'm starting to see it as a tradition, and I'd almost feel bad to break it.

Now, on to interesting locations in town!

I am amazed sometimes that the Bunny Girls never get edited out of Dragon Quest in the US.
Well, this is either another place like the boobies show I took part in, or it's going to be a casino. I'm kind of hoping that it's a casino, since I love the slots in Dragon Quest, because it doesn't require real money to play them.

In we get.

The woman who invents stripping in Dragon Quest world will become fabulously wealthy.
It looks a little like a combination of the two. This is the first floor, and everyone seems to be quite happily watching the strippers. They've got to be good at their job too, because they're spinning like mad in circles, yet there are no poles to be seen. Clearly these strippers are Superman... Or Supergirl... But given the way the average stripper looks, probably Bizzaro.

Downstairs however is a whole other kettle of congealed eel paste.

He'll be back- this is where the Metal Babble/Metabble/Liquid Metal armor can be won. -Ed.
Now this? This is a casino, and I really want to stop and gamble... but shouldn't. There's no reason for me to, and I have a small stock pile of chips from the first casino we found. I'll come back to this later, after I've finished the review... unless it turns out there's something here I need, in which case I WILL return.

Now it's out the other door on the club, and to an all too familiar sight.

In a less-friendly universe, Bebebebo and his party would have died of thirst or terror before someone could invent plumbing.
God damn wells are nothing but trouble if you ask me. They should be banned, or at least capped off to save the life of everyone around them. Too many children fall down them every year, only to end up in magical sky castles, or flying magical beds. But with your donation, for only twenty... What was the local currency, dollars? Washers? Cow hoofs?... Testicles? [AD note: I believe it was chicken feet.]

Forget my rant, it's not important. Now, I guess it's down the well to see what sort of trouble we can get into!

It's true- that's why they REALLY sent her to jail. You think ANYBODY in America goes to jail for Wall Street shenanigans?
Well I guess whatever it is, it'll be really quaint trouble. Almost old fashioned, and perhaps with Martha Stewart lurking around a corner, waiting to decorate us within an inch of our lives. It could happen, it has happened before, and it will happen to YOU!

Inside of the house there's not much to be seen:

Superhero Time has gotten me used to the proverbial 'Your Mom.' I keep forgetting that when That Guy says it, there is a real Your Mom he refers to.
Something about her outfit kind of screams, "worn out old whore," to me, and I don't know why it reminds me of AngeliqueDaemon's mother, but it does. I guess this isn't anything important, but I'm not going down that well until I've made sure I've found everything in town. Time to go back to exploring!

Ok, I think this might be something worth note. I was walking down the street when I hit the right button by mistake, and ended up being transported from here:

Ah, secret passage!
To here, which caught me quite by surprise.

Oops, I guess somebody did invent the strip joint already.
I guess there's a hidden bar here? Probably, but that's a pretty damn odd place to put the door. Aren't the ONLY clothes lines in the entire world a bit of a conspicuous location to put a hidden door? If I were a random villager, and I looked up and saw something as unique as clothing drying on a line, I might be startled enough to reach out for a wall to hold myself up, and fall into it.

But then again, that may be how they get their customer base.

... I think I just got laid. I'm not sure what the hell else it could have been, and I'm not sure I even want to guess.

The term- borrowed from Dragon Ball- is 'Puff-Puff.' Sometimes transobfuscated as 'Powder-puff massage.' Think motorboating, more or less.
Bunny girl leads me into her room, leaves the rest of the party behind, screen goes black, and we're standing outside. I really wonder what the hell just went on, because this is a Dragon Quest game, and they make a habit out of things being big jokes... So she probably has a penis, and that's the joke. And I had to go back a second time, to get that picture!

Ok, that's it for the day. I don't think I can actually comprehend what's going on at the moment, because I just got digitally laid, and they always say the first time is the most what the fuck. I'll be back for more magical sixteen bit porn tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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