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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 47 (Oh, there I am...)

And we're back for Monday, where I've found something that looks pretty likely for our next location.

Now, I've passed by this area I don't know how many times, and I've thought that it was somewhere I've been before. I was right, it is... IN OPPOSITE LAND! That's what I've been thinking of the other world as, by the way.

That does look like the entrance to Lifecod/Weaver's Peak.
This looks a little like another mountain I've been to, so I passed by it like three times before I realized that this looks a lot like the mountain where you first start the game. I don't know if it is, but I'll assume that it's the right place to go, and if not delete this and you'll never know how dumb I am. Haha, suckers.
I still don't remember how to get to that either. -RobPlease ignore the end of that last paragraph. It looks like I'm right, though! I remember that chest from the start of the game, in the other world! I wonder if I can get to this one?

Nope. Shit.

The generic redheaded girl seems curious about something, and also not at all concerned about the fact that there are monsters wandering all over the place. I guess they just can't bring themselves to attack a cute girl... That's pretty sexist, monsters. For shame!

Anyway, we go through the mountains, out the other side, and we... Have a moment of existential crisis.

I hope that's not a clone. Given their track record with the Galactic Republic AND Spider-Man, nothing good can come of them.
Yep, that's me, talking to someone that I'm not talking to. I guess this is where the other world version of me was hiding all along? Sure, sounds about right. Well we need to adsorb him so we can make ourselves Perfect Cell, or whatever the point of finding him... me... us, is.

For some reason, this reminds me of the bit in Dragon Quest 9, where the asshole in the first town tells you that "We don't want none of yer kind round these parts," or whatever other redneck thing he was babbling at you for no reason, other than you're "stealin' his woman!"

Now begins the most confusing paragraph I've written in a while:

I watch me speak with him, and he seems angry at me, which I don't get, and wish I could understand what I'm saying. I watch me verbally defend myself from him, I think, which consists of me saying "..." before he yells at me. Then he wanders off, and I follow, then I follow me and him to find out where I went. (O.o) [AD note: o.O]

I head up the mountain, and find out that I was right!

Welcome to Bizarro Lifecod! Or somesuch.
But which me was right? I don't have the slightest Goddamn idea. Am I even writing this, or is it the other me writing it for me? STOP PLAYING WITH MY HEAD... ME!

I remember this place! This is it, this is the place where I end up warping back to by accident every time I try to go to the other world, and hit the button too fast!

'Greetings, meteorite-surivivng mutants!'
This is also the spot where the meteor hit. Thankfully, I'm wearing a hat, so I can tip it to the people that didn't die when a large space rock landed in the middle of the town, even though it doesn't make a lot of sense that they wouldn't.

Now... where did me go?

Maybe she thinks you're you and she's mad at you him for something you he did?
Oh, it's my sister!... Mother? The girl with the unique sprite that isn't a party member! I wonder if we can get a free night stay here. It would be damn awkward when I came in to go to sleep, and was already in my bed.

She speaks to me for a bit, but she doesn't seem all that interested in letting me sleep... Bitch. Now it's back to looking for myself. This has gotten a lot more deep than I expected, to be honest. I'd never thought Dragon Quest could be so OH IT'S THE CREEPY GUY WITH THE COW!

Less stupid than Involuntary Super Hypnosis, the supposed reason nobody recognized Clark Kent.
Hi creepy cow man! They don't judge you up here in the mountains, do they? WELL I DO! I guess that my glare of disapproval isn't going to pierce through his bovine lust vision (just be glad Superman never developed that power), so I leave to look for myself, again.


Ah, here you he are is, talking with the mayor!
It looks like I had to talk to this guy, then go and do something else, then come back to trigger the event! That's... well, that's pretty confusing, but at least I found me! The old guy in the room seems extremely confused by this, and all I can tell him is, "Welcome to the fucking club, jackass." He then does what any rational person would do, confronted with clones, or whatever we are:

Best, most realistic coping mechanism I've seen in a video game ever.
He goes the fuck to bed, and hopes that in the morning things make sense again. More power to ya, Grandpa. None of this shit makes any sense to me anymore, and I'm the damn hero!... I kid, I kid. None of this has ever made any sense to me, at least on a grand scale.

But importantly, it's time for us to fuse!

Fu... sion... HA!!! (or 'Hoi!!!' if you're Japanese.)
I wonder if I get any powers, or stat boosts for this? It would be kind of cool if I got a whole new class or something awesome like...

I ran away. I FUCKING RAN AWAY! Come back, me, you pussy! I swear to God, as soon as I find me, I'm going to kill myself! That'll show me, that son of a bitch!

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