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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dragon Quest VI/6 - Day 50 (But what Speed Racer doesn't know is that Racer X is his brother, Rex, who was presumed dead in a car crash)

And we're back. Sorry about the cutoff, but trust me when I tell you players aren't happy if the DM is playing a video game and ignoring them. That sort of thing leads to being stabbed with a pencil, and I do not enjoy that aspect of D&D.

Now, when we last left off we had searched the upper floor, and were going to make our way down to find:

I think they pretend to be asleep so they don't have to listen to the witch explain why she's here.
A lot of unconscious guards... Alright, that's none of my business, so off we go to find my flashback things. I'm starting to think my character worked in this castle, or something.

Hey George/Hassan/Carver! Remember that time we stood in that place and said that stuff?
Oh, that's George! I guess I've known him before, or something. That's cool though, because George hits things really hard, and that's the sort of friend you want!

That was a really quick one, but there are two more right near by. We'll go check them out.

Family Guy would take that sparse description and get 5 minutes of ''comedy'' out of it.
I think the point of this flashback is to tell the story of a sandwich a small girl made me. Obviously it's some sort of dangerous, forbidden sandwich, because a maid comes in and throws a conniption fit. The girl doesn't seem that bothered, and I remain stoic and ellipsis, as usual.

When my life flashes before my eyes I'm pretty sure I'll fast-forward through all my homework.
I think this is to show you that my character really like books. I'm sure I'm being told something important, but once again it's all in Japanese. After a moment or two a fat guy in red walks in, and we leave because I'm pretty sure that he was pissed at us for sitting there like jackasses, and babbling in the library. I can't say I blame him.

Well it looks like we've found all of the flashbacks, so I guess we go and speak with the king, or climb back into bed with his wife for a bit...

Flashback in front of the throne!

And then the king said a bunch of kingy stuff, and you were all like 'sure, fine, where's the treasure,' and...
Well, that's not as much a flashback as a flash down, since the only thing that changed were the colors. I guess it's a flash scene, since it took me into a cut scene. In any case, the king babbles at us for a bit, and then cuts away again. He speaks to us in the present, and we go to bed... That bed is going to give me nightmares. When we wake up, all seems to be well, and forgotten.

If it pleases Your Majesty, we're going to pretend that not a single second of this ever happened.

We're asked a question, and we say yes, because I hope to Christ it's, "Are you leaving?" But to my pleasant surprise, he gives me a thing!

It's the (Something) of Legend!
The amusing bit is that I took this screen cap so that I'd be able to pick it out if my inventory was full, but that's not a problem! It looks like they shoved all of my stuff into my bag, so I have no idea where my carpet and underwatershipthingy are! Yays!

Ohhh, it's armor, I think. Really GOOD armor, I think, too. I'll bet this is the last part of the magical crap we were looking for! Time to figure out how the hell we get back to the town with the girl smith!

Besides Dragon Quest VI and Final Fantasy I, how many other games make you wait for a blacksmith to finish a sword?
Thanks a lot, girl smith! I'm really glad we didn't have to use your soul to fix the sword! Did you use the dress-up hobo? You know what, I don't care! The point is, now we have the sword!

Pretty good Boobs on that sword, too.
And a very nice Goddamn sword it is, too! Hot dog, do we have the full set, now?!

Sword of Ramias, Armor of Orgo, Shield of Sphida, Helm of Zebus. And a plain Gold Ring.
I haven't got a clue, to be honest. But those are some nice looking numbers at the bottom. I think that we need to look into changing job classes, though, because this one seems magic based, and our hero is getting his butt kicked.

But you know what this means, right? We have the full set of magic armor, and weapon, which are probably legendary... So now we have to go and find the final boss! I'd better get some power leveling in before that happens, though, so I'll see you all tomorrow for the Friday video update!

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