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Sunday, September 18, 2011

That Guy's other project! (And other name!)

No New Soundwave this week- scheduling conflicts. And we all had so much more to say about the 3DS this week too! And so little of it positive!

But assuming you're still in the mood for some video, we've got something for you- as well as a little announcement.

You might've noticed (or not) that all of That Guy's videos are hosted on a YouTube account by the name of Isstvan82. In case you didn't, check it out! The channel also plays host to his Minecraft videos- he's really been enjoying the game lately and decided to give some video playthroughs a try. This also seems a good opportunity to announce that henceforth, That Guy will be known as Isstvan82 here on Flailthroughs as well. New, less generic name, same great randomness and Crazy Shit he's known for.

Tomorrow, the DQVI video updates begin!

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