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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 11: Time to Get Sirius.

Hanna's back in town! Just in time to face down a Doll Mage and his pet Golem. The Golem's too much for them- it's taking 1 damage a hit, and battles are won and lost by damage tallies, so I step in.

The Fortune card is another must-have Tarot card.

It makes enemies run away. Hanna needs to rack up at least one win before she has to run again. Plus we'd kinda like to keep this town if we can. But considering how hairy things are getting there, I call back Cleric Paula to this town from the more remote one I'd sent her to. This is going to be a tough fight.

On the potentially bright side, one of the units attacking the town- a Beast Tamer with Hawkmen -has gotten around us after taking a beating and is bearing down on FLAIL and our base. He can handle himself.

And then there's that Golem/Doll Mage unit again. I play two cards to help Hanna out: The Star, which will raise AGI and make it harder for the Golem to connect, and ZA WARUDO, which sadly does not drop a steamroller on them but instead shields our unit from all magic, rendering the Doll Mage's Acid Cloud moot. And we win! ...for now. But there seem to be more than a few units weaving around us to take a shot at FLAIL. If I have to pull Grimm to defend the base I will- don't think I won't!

HAHAHAHA the morons put the wizard in front! All he can do there is hit with his staff. Easy win for Ellis. Then Hanna wipes out the nearly-as-stupid back row Knights, and her crew's up to Lv. 4. I decide to give Taturo, the middle Fighter, the Rune Axe in the hopes it'll take a chunk out of that Golem. After all the fighting she's done I'm thinking I'll let her handle Sirius anyway. They don't beat the Golem, but after the damage that axes does, Ellis makes short work of the entire unit. ...or would, if it didn't turn tail and run. Stupid Doll Mages and their sense of self-preservation!

One interesting thing about the Moon card: it swaps the front and back rows in enemy units, often making the unit leader more accessible. And of course it changes the type of attack each unit has if it has a different front and back row attacks. But not the number- if you switched a front-row Doll-Mage, which gets two physical attacks, with the Moon card, it would then get TWO Acid Clouds. Luckily this didn't happen, but I only remembered this by using the card on a Cleric/Giants unit in the hopes of cutting off their attacks, which it didn't do.

The steady stream of enemies is starting to let up, so my two Clerics advance in the hopes of cutting off that Doll-mage and getting the shop town before sunup/payday. The other thing I forgot though is that Mooned enemies' positions stay swapped, so the next Cleric/Giants fight is easy once we take out the useless front-row Cleric.

As predicted, FLAIL is forced to join the fighting. It's a short fight, and he doesn't quite wipe them out, but they do go running back to safety. He's in charge for a reason, kids. Meantime, Lanselot and Landis have reached the rendezvous point and prepare to cross the river.

Just as planned.

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