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Monday, February 20, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 12: Out of Werewolf-themed Titles

Here's what the Death card looks like. It insta-kills any non-stage boss enemy at less than 50% HP. In case I didn't mention, all Tarot Card kills count towards FLAIL's XP. The Golem took out Taturo, so we couldn't do much damage to it, and I was tired at looking at the fucker.

The shop town is ours! It has an important item, too- one that can make it high noon. If you use it slightly after "midnight" (when the moon icon's slightly the the right of top-center) you can advance time to payday. Handy!

So now it's time to think about ending this. I bring Canopus up to sit on a point on the field between the shop town and Sirius' fortress. Hopefully that'll get some people's attention and he can fight them off while Hanna makes a beeline for Sirius himself.

Problem is it's daybreak now- decent payday, too! -and if you want any of your Fighters to become werewolves, you have to fight Sirius at night. So we stall and rotate units to minimize ALI drop, as even Canopus is starting to drop. We sneak Hanna around the side and wait for our moment...

...the time is now! It's dark, and she's got a clear shot.

And here's Sirius in all his wolfy glory.

This one's gonna be a REAL fight. We don't have any more Fool cards, so we have to take him out.

I play Strength to raise our Defense, and Judgment should do high damage to a Werewolf. And lastly, we play the Emperor, for another round of attacks. That does the trick.


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