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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 14: Witch Hunt

One of the enemies breaks off from attacking the main base and makes a beeline for Lanselot. Fine by me.
Neat, a dragon. Not much of a problem at these levels- they get nastier attacks later. After a few rounds of base defense, FLAIL's Fighters graduate to Knighthood. Then Warren finds his treasure- a ring of some sort. I'll figure it out later. At which point I direct him to here:

Another one of those suspicious roads ending in nowhere that will certainly not contain a town at ALL.
Paula and Canopus are headed there too- Canopus is going to be my Last Resort Defender for the town on the front the way Grimm is at the base.

Warren finds the town first, and liberates it. It's now after midnight and we hold every town on the map, so time to use the time-shifting item and force payday!

Niiice. As soon as Paula gets here, I'm going to send her and Warren after Deneb. I don't have any Fool cards, so I'm going to have to wing it. They begin their push and make pretty good headway; the biggest pain in the ass is a Beast Tamer with back row Hellhounds. They only get two attacks, but they're fire attacks with flexible aiming. I'm using a lot of Revives on this campaign. But on the way Paula's two Amazons become Valkyries and one of the Fighters becomes a Knight, which will help.

Warren gets there first. Eh, she's okay looking I guess. Being one of the only people in this time period with the time and ability to bathe regularly probably does not hurt. She says FLAIL is cute, and you can tell she's being all flirty because her sentences end in hearts. Japan.

Those Pumpkinheads are bad, bad news. They have group attacks that do half your current HP in damage. And we can't Fool them away. So we'll do the next best thing: spam attack cards!


The Magician!

The Chariot!

JUSTICE! (Which is sadly not Burning but Freezing Justice- not as good)

And so, Deneb flirtily begs clemency. If we say no, our reputation jumps but FLAIL's ALI drops. If we say yes, the opposite.

So we let her live, and public opinion be damned. This will likely put FLAIL's alignment close to max. And the reputation will do whatever it does.

Next: slumming it!

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