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Monday, February 27, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 15: Slum Lords

The branching paths end for now. There's no place else to go but the Slums of Zenobia.

This gigantic walled city is, well, walled. We'll have to deal with that eventually, but there's other worries first.
The shop town is across a body of water from the city, but also on the opposite side of the map from my base. Gonna be a tough time, and there's a lot else to do on this map, but for now let's secure our supply line and send Kamui out scouting.

Here at the first town we liberate, we're informed that the ruler of these slums is Kuas (or Kaus, or Quass depending on the translation) Debonair, one of the Four Devas (Literally, Four Kings of Heaven) of Zenobia. Japanese stories love nicknames like this. The Four Kings of Heaven, the Black Tri-Stars, the Seven Filler-Arc Generals, etc. But Debonair's another good man put in a bad situation, and as I recall it is ultimately possible to win him over to our side.

Kamui's already found one buried treasure and is on his way to the next, and my Knights and Clerics are on their way to the shop town and the other points around our supply line. As they pass they catch a glimpse of a Knight/Gryphon unit winging its way towards my base. FLAIL can handle himself, and if by chance he can't, Grimm can manhandle everything. But just as a way to say hi, I send Landis out to liberate a Temple along their flight path. May as well scout out the enemy before we have anything we have to defend...

Oh, wow. There's a lot of them, and Kamui should be crossing their path too. Party times. Landis loses round 1, but he's game for another fight and I've got healing items, so we take them on again and win. He still needs more firepower though, so I promote his Amazons to Valks and give one of them the Lightning Ring Kamui found. I'm holding one more level until I promote the Fighters so they can become Samurai. Kamui catches the Knight on the rebound and kills one of his Gryphons. He also nearly kills the leader of a Valkyrie unit- idiot was standing in the front row. Landis takes a beating from a Samurai unit but kills their leader. Lotta fighting to get to one temple. Sadly, Kamui's doing better than Landis, and he's just trying to get through the intersection!

And ultimately he does. But enemies are streaming down the path, and Landis needs more backup. Time to pull Lanselot, methinks...

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