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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 16: Resistance is... actually pretty damned effective.

Lanselot's on his way, but one of these damaged units needs a place to rest, and is making threatening motions towards Hanna's town. Hanna's probably going to wipe the floor with them. Landis is doing better with the Valkyries, taking less damage and managing decapitating strikes on unit after unit.

After unit. After unit. Lots of enemies, is what I'm saying.

Floor: wiped. Hanna's people are promoted to Samurais and a Valk.

Kamui finds his hidden treasure like a champ. His next stop: this empty rectangle with a road leading to it which is not at ALL a hidden town. And the shop town is ours! Two important items here: the Cure Ankh, which restores 100HP to every member of a unit(works out as cheap as individual Cure Potions for light damage to a whole 5-member unit) and the ever-popular Joker Tarot, for random cards to use in battle. I also forgot to mention I picked up a Fool along the way, so we've got Debonair covered when we reach him.

Landis is still working towards that Temple, with Lanselot and Paula both coming up to help. SO MANY ENEMIES. I wouldn't be shocked to see some people lose serious alignment here, but not much we can do about it now.

Speaking of alignment, Lanselot's one Fighter lost too much of it to be a Knight like his boss and buddy, so I decide to try something different: he's a Doll Mage now. So we've got two hardy front-row fighters, two targeted mages, and one group-attacker. It could work.

FINALLY. GOT. THE TEMPLE. Landis and his crew take a well-deserved rest as the fliers sail right by to go fight FLAIL and Warren.

See? Nothing there!

So, things are getting better: we've gained ground, made some field promotions. Our next trick is to mass some troops on that Temple everybody's so fond of, prepare to branch out to the cities closer to the castle walls...

...and have Kamui visit this remote, lonely place surrounded by a wall of its own.

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