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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 17: Probably not from Housewares

Hanna takes on a Valkyrie and her Cockatrices, and loses, to my shock. Hope she makes it back to town in time...

Yes and no. She aces the Valk, but loses again. But they didn't have time to retake the town, so my Reputation isn't going to drop. That'll do, Cleric. That'll do.

Paula, meanwhile, encounters a neutral Green Dragon. Fuck yeah you can join us, big guy!

Kamui reaches the walled city, a prison city, and meets this man. He's Ashe, a Knight. He's been cooped up in this place for 20 years now, and he's got some business with Kuas Debonair. So he joins the revolution!

Ashe's unit has a minor problem, one shaped like a Golem. It puts the Knights in the back row where they hit less often, and make him the slow and only marginally-useful Mountain movement type. It has to go. I'll have him recruit whatever he can recruit when he hits a town. Kamui sets back out on his treasure hunt, and Landis ventures forth to secure a town near the walls.

Things get a little sticky. It's Midnight, so my people are taking heavy damage from the low-aligned enemies. We have to use quite a few Revives. And a Vultan-led unit makes a beeline for the town Kamui found, so he has to head back there in a hurry. Through a series of battles he bashes their fool heads in, and we capture one of the border towns. Warren and Landis make a move for the other, and Landis heads to the last hidden thing I really need here:

That should be a Temple. He's got to go through heavy traffic again, but such is the life of a high-flying beast tamer.

The best Ashe can do is a pair of Fighters right now, but with a couple battles they should potentially become mighty Wizards. I hope.

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