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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 6: Shop Town Conveniently Located on Main Street

Between last post and now, we stopped back by Sharom to search for hidden stuff. We found a town we missed and pulled the Temperance card, which raised our Reputation a couple points, but that's it.

On to the next part of Sharom!

This is complex enough to do in English, so I'm going to go ahead and cop to using a walkthrough for this stage because there's a couple characters it's well worth your time to get. See, Governor/Stage Boss Gilbert's not a bad guy, but he's working for the Empire to try and protect his people. It's possible to change his mind, but only one person has a shot at that: Gilbert's estranged best friend, Canopus Wulf: an EagleMan known as the Wind Rider.

Have I mentioned how great the music is for this map? Because it is.

We start liberating towns in the proscribed order. Here's a minor problem that makes the fighting difficult.

Here is the all-important shop town. Not only is it the shop town, it's the town where you learn about Canopus and set things in motion.

It's the closest town to Gilbert's digs, meaning that you will face a never-ending stream of enemies here.


Off to a great start: Landis the Samurai loses one of his soldiers, so it's off to the Roshian Temple for him. Meanwhile, Sammy the Knight is taking a hell of a beating now that he's in the lead. I may have to drag Lans over...

Ninjas. Fragile, but they get three attacks in the front row and Ninjutsu in the back, which functions the same way as Wizard magic in game terms. Sammy takes one of them out, and his crew levels up to Lv. 5. Now the fun begins!

Meet Sammy's new and improved unit. The ALI was high enough to promote his wingmen to Knights, and his Amazons to Valkyries. That gives them indirect lighting attacks and makes the Knights a hell of a lot more durable.

Two new units here: a Doll Mage and a Giant. The Doll Mage is the bigger problem, since he has a group-attack magic spell. But we beat them down, and advance. We get the town, and the info, but Sammy's unit's ALI is already dropping. Great...

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