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Friday, February 10, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 7: For The Birds

Now that we've visited that town, we need to go see Canopus in person. He lives up here, on an island across the sea from Gilbert's place. Grimm the Wizard has arrived to relieve Sammy, whose unit is feeling the effects of the war. Wizards are supposed to be bastards, so he can sit here on the frontlines and fight his fill.

Birdmen. They're native to this area, pretty good fighters and Low Sky fliers. I use the Empress Tarot card to spare one of his Fighters from dying a SECOND time and costing me 2K monies- I can't afford to have him run to the Temple right now.

Meet Canopus! Don't let the spikes and the club fool you, he's a nice guy.
He asks me a series of philosophical questions, and there's no real right answer to them. He tells us he's given up fighting, and so now we go back to the shop town, by which I mean we shift Sammy's position slightly. We then learn Canopus has a sister named Yuria.

She lives in a Roshfallian Temple right here. So Kamui and his Gryphons make a beeline for it.

And here's Yuria! Looks like she's a fighter too, but she's not recruitable, sadly. Canopus, on the other hand, is, and she gives us the Wings of Victory we need to convince him to join us. So now Kamui zips back up to Canopus' hometown!

Back at the shop town, Grimm is struggling, but finally manages some solid kills after some downright expensive resurrections. This buys Kamui enough time to convince the Wind Rider to join us! And so, Canopus takes the field to face down his best friend Gilbert. He's got a Gryphon and a pair of Birdmen- a born flier. The Gryphon makes it High Sky, which'll save time.

Grimm's unit levels up, and the ladies and the gentlemen switch places so that the Valkyries can serve as frontline fighters and the Wizards can serve as marvelous little death machines.

Kamui ends up in a fight guarding Yuria's temple. His entire unit's Level 2, so I unload a whole deck of Tarot Cards on a Doll Mage and his pet Giant to take them out. It works. And then: payday! That should keep thing rolling for a good long while. Time to go meet with Gilbert.

Poor Gilbert, pawn of the Empire, pleads his case, and dares us to surpass him.

He's a Beast Tamer with a couple Wyrms. Nasty things, those. We play the Fool and get rid of them. We also play the Emperor for another round of attacks because he's a tough old bastard. But we get him!

He resigns himself to his fate after losing to us, but Canopus goes to bat for his old friend, and asks if he too could join us. Always room for one more!

And all's well that ends well.

Monday: Decisions, decisions!

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