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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ogre Battle Tactics Special: Fun with the Supernatural

Since I'm going through an extremely busy patch right now but don't want to leave you guys without Ogres and the Battling thereof, I thought I'd talk about the various supernatural units I've been fighting lately and how they can work for you.

Ghosts and Skeletons have 0 HP, but can only be damaged or killed by healing spells and Holy-element attacks. So: Clerics and Priests, Paladins, Sylphs, Seraphims, and Princesses. (I think I didn't miss anybody there...) Not a huge list all told, but some of those- Paladins and Priests- are pretty common, which is a problem. They can be made effective when used against the right units, but it takes- like everything else in Ogre Battle -very careful planning.

Werewolves and the heretofore-unseen Vampires are units that are vastly more effective at night. Werewolves at least get one attack during the day, which is better than Vampires manage, as they travel around in their coffins during the day. Werewolves also can be upgraded with an item known as the Full-Moon Stone to the more powerful class of Tiger Man. The good news is that there's items that can make it night just as you can make it day. So using these effectively is tricky and expensive, but possible.

All of these are units that have powerful benefits but equally powerful drawbacks. But of course, low ALI doesn't really penalize them, so once you've put them in a position to be effective you can really go to town.

Tomorrow: Deneb's Garden!

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