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Friday, March 30, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: My Other Fandom

Since I've not had time to start my next Ogre Battle stage yet and I'm feeling especially un-clever, having a cold as I dol, today seemed like a good time to remind you that I am still part of the TF Radio Network, and we had a great Radio Free Cybertron this week! Peter Van talks about the Fun Publications/Botcon credit-card fiasco, and we get details on exactly how bad their security was. I could say a lot of things about it, but Peter says them all a lot better. And we run into the interesting quandry of a lot of people being unhappy with how FunPub is running Botcon... but the alternative as things stand might be no Botcon, and that's pretty much the social nucleus of Transformers fandom right there. So that makes it an extremely touchy subject.

The downloadable version of the show should also have a long conversation I had with John DeLuna and ExVee about the state of fan involvement with our favorite toy brands, and what I feel may have to happen to that involvement for those toy lines to survive. In short, it's kind of a hard time to be a Transformers fan right now. But an interesting one!

We also talk about the overly-broad terms of the Botcon dealers' table contract, and it's basically so broad that they could use it as an excuse to take damn near anything from your table and not give it back. It's ultimately all going to come down to how it's enforced- and not to get political here, but legislation that leaves itself open to the caprice of those who enforce the law is a bad, bad idea. I'm like one of two members of the RFC regulars not going to Botcon, which is a shame- it's gonna be a damn interesting year.

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