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Monday, March 12, 2012

Ogre Battle 22: Lost at Sea

There's a couple places we can go once again, and I'm going to deal with the annoying one first: the Kastolatian Sea. It's annoying, but there's valuable stuff here, so let's do some setup.

As the name implies, there's a LOT of water here. My three High Sky units- Gilbert, Canopus and Kamui -will be the fastest way to get around... but Aisha has a couple Mermaids in her unit, just sitting there looking like fish-below-the-waist out of water. And we picked up an Octopus, so that's a plus. So here's the play: Each of those Mermaids becomes a unit unto herself and heads for the nearest town to recruit more of her kind- plus a second Octopus since I only have the one. That gives me five units that are reasonably mobile for this stage, and in terms of holding towns, the map itself will provide the rest...

Now, it's time to see the sea.

Luckily there's a town right at the start so the Mermaids can stock up. The shop's to the northeast, and Canopus and Kamui are heading there first. It'll be even more crucial than before. I prefer Canopus' Gryphon as it is- Cockatrices never helped me much. And the birdman growth tree tops out at Vultan, which is where his crew is now. So functionally speaking, I never have to care about Canopus' alignment again. Good thing too, as I suspect he's gonna be busy.

Good news about Kastolatian is that a preponderance of the towns are hidden, and hidden towns don't have an alignment requirement for liberation. So I bust out somebody to cover the town nearest the base, and the Mermaids go explorin'. I pick Aisha for guard duty for a very important reason:

She can recruit Angels to replace her Mermaids. They get the same 1 attack per battle the Mermaids do, but it's of the much more useful Holy element.

Now here is why the shop town here is crucial: the Seven League Boots. They can warp any unit to any town you control. A little bit of forethought, and I will never lose a town again.

Now we liberate stuff, warp people in to keep it where necessary, and wait for the enemy to show themselves...

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