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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ogre Battle 23: Grimm Gets the Boot

And here they come: Knight and Dragons, Levels 12 and 11. A notch below Canopus' level...

...but above Grimm's. So we call him up, and use the Seven League Boots to get him over to the shop town. As Grimm awaits his prey, Kamui recruits us a damn fine Octopus!

Grimm has knocked out two unit leaders and levels up- I hope he can pack on ALI and CHA before he's back out of the level range. Good news is I can get him OUT of there if his CHA starts to tank.

Grimm loses a fight, but I Boot his ass right back to town, so all's well. And the first of his Wizards just made Goetic! ...but the rest of the party's ALI isn't going up, so it may be back into drydock for Grimm soon if CHA starts to drop again.

And here comes a couple strike teams to attack FLAIL and our HQ. Good luck with that...

It takes a few rounds to take out the first unit, but FLAIL is now the nicest, most likeable goddamn person you will ever meet. And while he defends the base, I send a Mermaid up to a very important Temple...

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