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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ogre Battle 24: Brunhild

In the defense of our base, FLAIL's Cleric is promoted to Priest- yay, more healing per battle!

Grimm's gaining Charisma but not Alignment- and his Goetic's ALI is dropping. And then I remember why- certain unit types are just incompatible and drag each other down. Valkyries are high-aligned; Wizards are low. So at a fair amount of expense I call him home with a Return Harp to make some changes. Out come the Valks- who may replace the Wizards in Lanselot's unit, I'm not sure quite yet -and I assign the Goetic to be leader of Grimm's unit. Or actually...

...Shaft's unit. I can dig it.
Shaft is booted back to the shop town, and recruits some Devils to replace the Valks. That ought to do it.

It's the Octopus upgrade! Kraken? Yeah, let's say Kraken. FLAIL beats them too. I move Canopus through a cloud of enemies closest to the enemy castle- at dawn, this ends. There's something else I need to do, but I can do it afterwards if I have to.

Grimm's Alignment still isn't rising, so I guess he's just too high a level still. We'll have to leave him sitting another level or two, I guess. But for now, he can hold the town for me.

...Cecilia the Mermaid comes through! This Temple holds the legendary Brunhild sword, the only way to open Chaos Gates and access certain stages. All the pieces are in place, so after midnight, we'll cycle the clock over and boot some boss-killers upstream.

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