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Monday, March 19, 2012

Ogre Battle 26: With an L

Next up is a busy, busy map: Diaspola. Yup, with an L. Really. An awful lot to do here, and the part I'm most interested in is also the part least essential to the best ending. (Which- and I may have mentioned this before -I make no promises about getting. I've never gotten the best ending for this game.)

The map is too big to get in one screenshot, but here's what you need to know: the stage boss is in the upper left, we're on the lower right, the important stuff is in the middle along a major road the enemies like to stroll down. Except for the shop town, which is even CLOSER to enemy HQ. I send my crew out to see the sights and meet some people, and sit back to see who reaches their goals first.

Kamui's on the verge of taking a very important town when he sights the enemy. I may have to use Seven League Boots and get somebody up there in a hurry- he's not a particularly strong fighter as most scouts tend not to be. But he'll reach the town on his Gryphons' wings faster than they'll make it on foot. This is what counts.

This is Posha. She's got some problems: her father disappeared while trying to find life-saving medicine for her mother, so she's very much in danger of being an orphan unless FLAIL does something about it, and quick.

...oh, that's right, Kamui's down here where the action isn't! He's working on retrieving the Golden Beehive Posha's mother needs to recover from her illness. It's Gilbert guarding the town up north. Gilbert can very likely take care of himself. Let's find out.

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