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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ogre Battle 28: Kamui, When Did YOU Get Badass!?

Sammy's making some headway, being the first person to genuinely WIN a fight and leveling up in the process. Then he dies. And we bring him back. And Ashe wins a fight. I've already burned through nearly 50,000 Goth worth of Revives here, and when I use the last one is when we go for some GOETIC JUSTICE. It's also getting close to payday already- stupid Moon card! -and I'm definitely operating at a loss. But at least Landis gets some licks in, utterly obliterating the Samurai that killed Ashe a minute ago. Revive count: 5.

Gilbert finally reaches a Temple and gets a rez quote on his Wyrm: 5100 Goth. Fuck. That. NOISE. Revive Count: 4. You know who CAN win a fight without anybody dying?

Fuckin' KAMUI. My supposedly-fragile Scout unit.
He doesn't kill anything, but he takes next to no damage whatsoever. He defends the temple all by his lonesome while Gilbert swoops off to liberate a nearby town.

And none too soon! It's payday, and by some miracle we turn a profit. Ashe repels that Barbarian/Ghost unit again, but we use another Revive, bringing the count down to 3. Gilbert's sent north along the back way to take the shop town- I don't even know if they sell Revives, but it's time to find out, and this'll be a good staging ground to end this.

The most wimpy-ass unit you've ever seen attacks FLAIL at the home base. They do not lay a finger on us the first round, and we annihilate them the second. And Gilbert takes the shop town! They... do not have Revives. Drat. So that means we'll have to be fairly careful in attacking the castle. But it's definitely time to do so.

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