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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ogre Battle 29: Oops Upon Oops

Kamui is heading here, from the shop town. Once there, I'm dismissing one of the Clerics in the boonies and pulling Canopus, who has maintained a decent Alignment even if his Gryphon is a complete son of a bitch. Using this temple as a staging area Canopus, Kamui, and Ashe should be able to press onwards and beat the boss.

In theory. I send Gilbert up as backup and boot Ashe to guard the shop town. Shortly thereafter, Kamui takes the temple. We learn about the stage leader, the Shaman Norn, and that she was involved with Kuas Debonair, who we trounced a few weeks back. She seems to think he's dead, but we know better.

Okay, let's do this thing! I pull Paula home, deploy Canopus...

And accidentally use my Mass Summons, pulling all units home to FLAIL's location. DAMMIT. So we boot everybody back to the locations we absolutely NEED to defend, and go from there. I also forgot that Temples can't be targets of the Boots, so we go to the shop town and send all my fliers screaming towards Norn. The Temple's taken and we lose Reputation, but Canopus cuts through the enemy ranks with ease. Kamui with... less ease (Revive Count: 2).

And now we come face to face with Norn. Canopus made it first and he's got the best shot at killing her, so we're going to drop a whole deck of cards on this encounter.

I say screw it and card her to death. Hopefully it won't damage FLAIL's Alignment, because he needs to be on his best behavior.

Norn, defeated, begs us to send her to Kuas. We refuse, naturally, because Kuas is still around. And so with a little prodding, she joins us.

And that's it for Diaspola. Though we do have some unfinished business.

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