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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ogre Battle 32: Side, Meet Thorn

Ninja Masters are the Ninja equivalent of Mage/Goetics. Nasty, nasty group-attack magic. Gilbert gets in a scuffle with one and loses BIG. He limps back to the shop town to lick his wounds- if that were two group attacks instead of one we'd have been looking at a wipeout here. Rauny could be a force to be reckoned with on this battlefield, but because she's just even with the stage levels I hold her back because I want those Valks to grow up to be Muses themselves.

Pop Quiz: assume you were a party of sea creatures with fins where your feet ought to be. You're accompanied by a sea creature who gains significant power in the water. The area is laced with rivers, and your CO sends you to liberate a town. You'd make your way through the rivers and then ride up on the town, right?

No, you'd go HIKING THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS like the piece 24-carat solid gold GENIUS that you are. Damn Mermaids.

Sammy has a seriously bad round defending a Temple, which means I can't even boot him some backup. A front-row leader's too much of a liability now; the Valkyrie in the back row, Violet, takes over for Sammy as unit leader. No hard feelings, I hope. Violet loses too, but takes out the Ninja Master and a Wyrm beforehand, so the Temple is safe. Cecilia the Mermaid gets knocked back by a Ninja Master unit with a Witch- when they all get stunned I just order a retreat because it's pointless to even try. We're going to send her against one other town, and if she loses her next fight as big as this one, I'm going to send her home and dissolve the unit. These characters might be useful in another capacity, but not like this. But I'm a fair Opinion Leader- I send Gilbert from the other direction to distract the enemy from Cecilia.

But actually most of the enemies go sailing right past, towards our base. I send another unit to reinforce Violet, because I'm pretty sure that's going to be a pretty hoppin' location as all these enemies come up to get FLAIL's autograph...

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