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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ogre Battle 33: This is an Ex-Raven

...gosh, what's this? While everyone else was playing in traffic, Warren and his Hellhounds waltzed all the way over here and liberated a town! (And my rep probably took a hit for that- Necromancers tend to be unpopular people...) But this will make a decent staging ground when we decide it's time for Rauny to face the stage boss. And it's not gonna be long for that, I don't think.

...oh noes, Kamui and Ellis both lost their fights and the town's unguarded? What do we do?

...swap Warren and Kamui, of course. And, the enemies are dead. Cecilia the Mermaid actually won her next fight too, to my shock! In fact, she wipes out the enemy unit after some back-and-forth, and class-changes up to Nixie. So now she gets a group ice spell. Think I might keep this unit as it is for a while...

And this is why 7 League Boots are crucial, kids. FLAIL loses a fight at our base, and if the base is taken we have to leave the stage and start over. So we Boot him right back there, slap a Cure Ankh on him, and go again.

Payday! Time to visit the boss.

As Rauny gets ready to ford the river and Kamui swoops by to distract the enemy, I notice that the enemy are distracted- but not by Kamui. Rather the empty town he just left. So Warren stops by to visit with the locals and sign autographs. And his Hellhounds class-change to Cerberus/Kerberos. Nice! And a lot of other units fight and win and level while we wait for Rauny to JUST GET ACROSS THE GODDAMN RIVER ALREADY. She is slow as hell, and decides that she needs to move to the narrowest part of the river before crossing, which wastes a ton of time.

By the time she gets near the boss it's dark, so we play the Daytime-time-shifter-thingy as she reaches the boss. She has to fight her way through a couple of units, TPKs them, and as predicted her ALI starts to dip. She'll be in drydock for a stage or two...

Here's Ares, the Raven! If I'm not mistaken he's been hunting her, possibly after murdering her fiancee. Not 100% clear on that. But they have history, which is why it had to be Rauny that fights him.

We really should call somebody about this Ninja infestation. But the battle's exactly the kind I don't like: after playing the Star to make Rauny and Co. harder to hit, Death to cull the weakened Ninjas, and the Emperor for another round of attacks, it STILL comes down to the last hit from the last Valk to put Ares down.

But he gets put down, and that's the important part.

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