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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ogre Battle Extra: Zenobia Revisited, Part II

So about that unfinished business.

Out can run, but he/she/it cannot hide. Well, it can hide, but it will be found. That was always a dumb saying anyway.

Here is the hidden town of Anglem.

Here is the wizard Borgnine who lives in the hidden town of Anglem. He seems an Ernest fellow. Anyway, he collects Sentoul Demons, which you may remember Posha gave us as a gift for saving her mom's live a few stages back. We say no to the first thing he offers, which is a measly 10,000 Goth. But the second thing? The Undead Staff.

Warren is now a Necromancer with 2 group magic attacks. If I can just get a hold of an Undead Ring, we're cookin'.

And the rest of our time between stages is spent going back to an area where we can load up on Revives.

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