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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ogre Battle Part 18: Is His Brother's Name Suave?

Warren meets another Green Dragon, but it's not in a joining mood. So it's very shortly in a dying mood.

We get the town south of the castle. This is Ryan the Beast Tamer. He'll join us for 20,000 Goth. Oh, what the hell. He's Level 9 with a pair of Lv.7 Dragons- be a while until I use him...

We're all pretty well in position. We just need Kamui to get where he's going. Ashe has his first battle in the meantime, and does quite well. Still need to promote those little Fighters...

A Valkyrie makes it to the base and attacks FLAIL, and loses. But I've left a town undefended, and there's no way I can keep her from retaking it. Reputation hit ahoy! Worse yet, it's before payday... and I'm not smart enough to pull the high-noon item before it's retaken. Derp.

Oops, I was off by an island. The Temple's over here.

There we go. The priest here gives me an item that will being the walls down; in the US version it's called "Termites," but here in the original Japanese it's called the Trojan Horse. Guess Debonair doesn't keep his antivirus up to date.

When payday hits, we're finishing this. In fact? Fuck that. We're MAKING it payday, and attacking Debonair en masse.

Walls gone.

Paychecks are in. Let's go.

The enemies are heading south to deal with the diversion I set up in the form of Landis and Kamui. Ashe may have a shot.

And does. After a long conversation, the fated encounter begins.

We play the Fool to deal with the Dragons, and the Hanged Man to lower Debonair's defense, AND the Emperor for an extra round of attacks.

It's still not enough. Durable son of a bitch, isn't he? Upshot: one of Ashe's Fighters has been accepted to Hogwarts. Some magic damage should be what we need.

As Ashe walks back, a lot of shit goes down. Kamui loses a fight, gets knocked into two leaderless units, and wipes `em out. Meanwhile, FLAIL gets attacked, and wins handily.

And Ashe botches the kill AGAIN. It doesn't count as him winning if I use Tarot cards, but if he doesn't get it this time I will fucking drop a deck on Debonair and call it a day.

And hey, I'm out of Fool cards and I can't Moon him into the front row. Our next try is Lovers to get help from the Dragons. They hit each other instead of Debonair, so I say fuck that noise and torch his ass with The Magician.

I think that'll have to do. I could be here forever otherwise. Decent payday, at least.

Next time: We travel on to Avalon!

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