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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Editorial: Are You $%*@ing KIDDING Me!?

So Consumerist's Worst Company in America poll is over, and in a final round that came down between Electronic Arts and Bank of America, the winner is...


You cannot be fucking serious.

Have-to-have-an-Origin-account vs. This.

Project Ten Dollar vs. This.

EA "ruining" Bioware, vs. This.

These examples were culled off of the first two pages of Consumerist's BoA tag. They go back to this February. EA's a bad company with many, many problems, approaching customer service and issues of used games and piracy in bad ways, but... can they take your home? Can they ruin your credit rating? Can they damage the world economy?

The answer to any and all of those is a resounding no. EA can attach a lot of strings to a product we buy for recreation and, like any other company on the face of the earth, treat its employees and customers like garbage.

To every gamer who took it upon themselves to encourage voting for EA in this contest: Way to make us look a bunch of entitled children again, guys! Appreciate it.

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