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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ogre Battle 35: When we get to 64 I'm titling it "Person of Lordly Caliber"

So yeah, we're way up in the air. If any unit without a living flier is knocked off the edges by virtue of losing a battle, WIPEOUT. So as usual Kamui and Gilbert will be some of our first deploys, though since the shop town's ringed by mountains I send Warren to hold it after Kamui gets it for us. Gilbert heads for this island:

because there's a couple of nifty things to get.

First, a Chaos Gate.

Second, an item. (In this case, the "Lucifer Ring." Sounds like a good upgrade for Warren, possibly!)

Meanwhile, Lanselot learns that the area is ruled by Slust. (In the US it was translated Slust. It could just as easily be Thrust, or Sullust. Maybe Lando's co-pilot is in charge here- that'd be nice for him.)

We've got the shop town! And here's the special item: known as "Charm" in the SNES translation, and "Persuasion Spell" in the PSX version, here's it's called "Love and Peace!" It instantly recruits every member of an enemy unit except the leader to your side. Great for picking up rare classes you wouldn't otherwise get. I buy one, because at 50K Goth you don't want to overdo it.

Vultans and a Cockatrice, Levels 13 and 15. Glad Warren's almost there...

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