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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ogre Battle 36: Valkyrie Go Down the Hoooole

Matter of fact, Warren meets our Vultan friends first! They're heading straight for our base- I'm going to pull a unit to defend the base and let FLAIL stand back as a last resort. If he's (ahem) bumped off, it's Game Over. Not that they get past Warren, but better to plan. Warren bashes them around, and then they try to capture Kamui's town to recuperate, and he finishes them off.

 I also send Ellis out to one of the more off-the-beaten-path towns- she does have high alignment at least and she's basically expendable. I want to farm some money here if I can to pay for my Love and Peace.

Then I decide to take a deliberate risk.

If Ellis fights this group of Valkyries, she's dead. She'll be knocked off the edge of the world and die. (She can be resurrected, but that's not the point.) So I send Hanna to try and hold the town, and deck her unit out in the items I took off of Ellis' earlier. She's only got two levels on Ellis, but it might be enough.

Nope. She falls off the edge to her untimely demise, though she levels and does a fair spot of damage to the enemy. With the help of three cards. I'm gonna boot some backup over there, somebody competent this time. Landis can do it, probably. After Ellis plummets to her death too. Screw her.

Done and done. Landis holds the town, and Ellis falls off the edge of the Earth. Tomorrow we're going to see about getting this over with.

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