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Monday, April 9, 2012

Ogre Battle 38: Swarmed

We're back! Hope everybody who celebrates Easter had a nice one, and that Discount Candy Day has been good to you all! (Let me know if you find White Chocolate Easter M&Ms, huh? Been looking for those everywhere...)
Today we visit Organa. No, not Carrie Fisher or Jimmy Smits - unless one of them is a floating island. And I'll leave fat jokes of that caliber to Isstvan82, because I don't think he's called AngeliqueDaemon's mom that one quite yet.

It's another smallish one. The lay of the land is a little more conducive to ground units this time, so I can send Kamui up the right side to find the countless secret items and towns and temples over there. LET'S DEPLOYING

The shop town is right next to the base for once, and Lanselot learns that the Organa area is ruled by Fenril, which should probably be Fenrir. She's the one who gifted the Brunhild Sword to humanity, and another of the Order Thingy of Sacred Whatevers that Slust is a member of.

Contact! We've got Ravens and... Amazons!? Easy win detected.

...so, about that easy win.

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