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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ogre Battle 40: Whatever it is, Warren Can Kill It

Hey, Hannah got promoted to Priest for her trouble. Not bad!

We now control the entire map. Time to force payday!

And a fine Payday it is.
Time to send Warren up to meet Fenril! ...I seem to remember that you should send a unit with the Brunhild to fight her, so I yank it off of Gilbert's Wyrm and put it on one of Warren's Kerberos. A Hellhound with a Holy-element attack amuses me somehow.

Since you haven't gotten to see him in action yet, here's Warren in all his Lichy glory. And trust me, it is glorious. As he advances towards Fenril, leaving a track of scorched earth in his wake, he bounces a few units over towards Ashe, whose pitiful little fighter finally becomes a Wizard like I wanted. Ah, symmetry.

And we reach Fenril! ...who I'm pretty sure is a she. Little bit ambiguous at this resolution.

Just an Iron Golem? Easy. I hope. I still play Strength to up Warren's Defense. It helped a bit, but Warren is simply the best he is at what he does. And what he does is Kill It With Fire. Fenril comes to her senses, and joins us with a lot less Engrish than Slust!

And all's well. And profitable.

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