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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ogre Battle 41: Paging Maury Povich

Fenril comes in with a Bahamut. It must've been in the shop the day she fought me, because it'd have put up a much better fight than that sucky Golem.

Our next stop is the city of Malano!

The big, big city of Malano. I can just barely fit FLAIL and our base in the upper corner and the enemy base in the lower left. There's a lot going on here(you may notice walls. HATE), so let's get moving! Kamui heads for a secret town to the southwest, and Gilbert flies around snapping up buried treasure like... I dunno, some kind of trick-or-treater who only accepts magic weapons? Point is he's picking up a lot of useful crap here. As we liberate towns, we learn about Baron Apros, who was engaged to Rauny but she ditched because he's... kind of a murdering scumbag, seeing as he's the one who ghostified the Pogrom Forest with an honest-to-God Pogrom. Irreconcilable Differences, `nother words.

Kamui finds his town! They gift him with the Trojan Horse/Termites we need to bring down the walls. Gilbert's fiddling about for treasure and gets sight of the enemy...

...holy shit. Is that a Black Knight?

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