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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ogre Battle 44: The Revenge

So right now the idea is to hold out until we can bring up the sun and get our pay, and from there take out Apropos, or whatever the fuck his name is. To do this, FLAIL will have to hold a town and hope it doesn't prey on his Alignment too severely. If I can liberate something else in the meantime, all the better. A lot of Cockatrices with those Black Knights, but FLAIL's winning all his battles despite being stoned. Tee hee.

Hey, that'll help! Two of FLAIL's three Knights have become Paladins, who get an extra attack each from the front row. He's gonna be fine.
While FLAIL grabs everybody's attention, a Doll Master sneaks up the back way to our base to fight Warren. He lives just long enough to reflect on the idea that this particular resident of Idea Town was probably the village idiot.

At almost the same moment, Violet takes a town and the clock moves to a little past Midnight. Not the best payday ever, but it's time to move! Lanselot takes Tristan's post, and Tristan heads for Apros' castle. It begins. And none too soon, because FLAIL's Alignment and Charisma have started to droop ever so slightly.

After fighting through a truly ridiculous number of Black Knights, Tristan meets with Apros.

Thanks to the Fool working and the Star upping our chances to hit...

Tristan has his revenge.

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