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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ogre Battle 45: Up in the Air Again

Next up we've got Shangrila, another floating island. Here's where stuff gets mean.

It's not big, and the shop town's right by the base. But there's some nasty stuff to fight here, and of course non-fliers have to be careful of the edges.
For our opening, we've got Lans to the shop town, Canopus and Gilbert to towns nearest the boss, and Kamui treasure hunting. When we've got some decent positions to hold, we'll deploy Warren and- this is why I went with "deploy" instead of my first choice of words, "pull out" -Shaft. He's a few levels down from the average level on this map (somewhere between two and four), so it's time for him to (hopefully) win promotions for his two buddies. We're kind of going to rush this one so we can't take heavy losses.

See why I'm in a hurry? That's Black Knights with Samurai Masters and Tiamats, and a Goetic with Wyverns, Levels 16-18. Not good.

The bait is set. Kamui, Gilbert and Canopus are getting the hell out of Dodge as Shaft and Warren take to the front. Now let's see if the enemy takes the bait, or if they make a beeline for Lanselot and FLAIL...

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