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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ogre Battle 48: In Which Warren Doesn't Quite Solve the Problem(For Once)

After a series of soul-crushing slaughters and way too many Cure Ankhs, Rauny keeps getting caught up on that Ninja/Phantom unit- Phantom kills don't count towards HP tallies, so she keeps losing despite killing the Ninja, and I don't have any cards that'd help. So, I send Warren in to finish the job before she's a good match for him in terms of CHA and ALI. Ironically his Cerberus have Holy weapons, so he'll have an easier time with that unit than she will.

And here's the boss: it's Gares again. Not as dead as I initially thought, I know Rauny has a bone to pick with him but hey, Warren got there first and it's finders keepers.

He's got some nasty Dragons. Let's see how far Warren can take this without cards.

Far enough, I hope, for Rauny to get in there and finish the job. Poor Kerberos...es? Kerberi? Whatever.

She made it before the enemies made it back, a good start. They have words and it's done in one.

Hey, it's Debonair! Wasn't Norn looking for him? In fact she was, and the pair beg FLAIL to let Kuas join the Revolution. Like I'd say no.

And so Gares is dead again for a while, and our army grows.

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