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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ogre Battle 49: Snow Big Deal

Back in Shangrila, I meet with the actual ruler now that Gares is gone, who points me towards three Sages I need to meet for the best ending. One of them's in Pogrom Forest- he's the one I got the Quicksilver from. We'll need to present that to Sage #2 to prove we're good guys.

Debonair's a General, like Tristan. I'm strongly considering making Norn, Slust, Fenril and Debonair into a super-unit with Norn as a Princess for the bonus attacks. Its ALI would tank, but none of these classes need to change, so it'd be as close to an ideal setup as we're gonna get.

Matter of fact, the hell with it. Let's do it!

I need a fifth person here. I'll see what Norn can recruit as a Princess once I'm in the next stage.

Speaking of! This is the Kalbian Peninsula, or Kalbia Something Something as it says here.

I've seen bigger, but the snow will slow us down. I'm going to hold Norn's fancy new unit until last- their ALI is bound to plummet sooner or later, but it may as well be later. Debonair has business with the stage boss, Figaro.

And some of my older units start fanning out and taking towns. This stage is actually a few levels below the ones we've been doing, because of course for Debonair to confront Figaro you kind of need Debonair in your army. So now we've got that, but this could be an opportunity to get some of my lower-level units up to speed, hopefully.

We're about to find out...

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