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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ogre Battle 50: Don't Mess With a Princess

Hot damn! Some of these units have Ghosts and I brought out my Clerics. This bodes well. I hope.

Eh. Aisha kills the unit leader but one of her Angels dies. But that's not a Ghost-infested unit, so there's still hope for the others.
But most of the enemies are ignoring us and heading for the base. Because of that, I pull Norn early. FLAIL outclasses all these mooks, and his ALI and CHA can determine a lot of things in the game. Norn and company's? Not nearly as much.

And they do a damn fine job. No survivors.

Aisha and Landis are doing pretty good work. There's a resilient Cleric/Golem unit that we can't manage a decisive victory against, but we are winning our fights, so no great loss. Casualties are light- some of my weak units are on the edge of being overpowered for this stage!

Payday hits before I'm really ready for it, but we do at least turn a profit. Might be good to get a move on and confront the boss soon, though. I just need to keep pressing forward since there's a town right next to the capital...

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