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Friday, April 6, 2012

Ogre Battle Extra: In Which We Put A Ring On It

We need to go back to Muspelm and pick up a couple important things.

First, we get the Book of the Dead ("Undead Law" -man, that's a really specific branch of jurisprudence) from one town.

From this town, we get the Dream Crown. That will turn one of the women into my party into a Princess- I just have to figure out which one. My top choices are Aisha and Norn. It'll probably be Aisha- Norn's already a good damage-dealer and Aisha's unit has a lot to gain from the Princess' special skill. The Princess not only gets a couple group-hit Holy attacks, but everyone in a Princess-led unit gets a bonus attack, like a built-in Emperor card. It'll probably be Aisha, but since that could be a great way to tank her ALI, I'll probably wait until I really need it.

But with the Undead Law, we go all the way back to Sharom, where Lanselot slew Uther/Usar.

We meet with Batista the Necromancer, who trades us the Undead Law for the Undead Ring.

When we use the Undead Ring on Warren...

...his journey towards the Dark Side is complete. He is a Lich, with three group-hitting magic spells per battle. If he was doing well before, he's damn near unstoppable now.

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