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Friday, May 25, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: The "I Got Nothin'" Blather Update

I should have something to post here, but... I've kinda been playing Minecraft 360 and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 most of the week! Oops. So at the risk of being that kind of blog, I'll just blather about those for a bit.

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 does a much better job of not being boring to look at than the first Joker. I've been synthesizing monsters like crazy- I've got a Liquid Metal Slime (Formerly known as the Metal Babble or Metabble) a bit earlier than the game intended. See, there's a monster called the Meddle Slime on the first map, Treepidation. It's an even weaker Metal Slime with 2HP and worth a sizeable (for the beginning of the game) 100XP. You're not supposed to be able to Scout it (DQ Monsters Joker's capturing mechanism), with each hit you land giving you like a 1% chance of keeping it. Trick being, some monsters like the readily available Swarmtroop (a swarm of insects) hit more than once. That one hits six times, in fact. When you capture a Meddle Slime, it turns into a full-fledged Metal Slime, and two of those make a Metabble. (But you have to get them up to Level 10 and man, the whole Metal Slime family takes forever to level up...)

I found it at Target for $5- check the back of Electronics where they usually have a clearance rack. I've found a number of gems that way (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, $7; Contra 4 DS, $6; Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, $10, and that's just the most recent ones. Definitely worth a look if you're near a Target!)

Meanwhile in Minecraft XBox 360 Edition, I got bored with exploring a cave one day earlier in the week and built a tower from the top of my house to the top of the map. It's at least 20 stories so far. And then I put all my valuables in a chest and jumped off of it for the hell of it. Long drop, but scenic. I'm starting to build downwards now, because I ultimately want this spire to reach from the very bottom of the map to the very top, but I'm taking a break from that because fucking Creepers, man. Blew up my main entrance and some of my underground work too.

But that just means I'll go play a different map until I feel like making my repairs. I've played games with random world generators before, but something about typing random stuff to make new worlds is incredibly addictive. It reminds me of all the time I spent with Monster Rancher, putting every CD in the house in the PS1, one by one, to see what monsters I got. Then Monster Rancher 2 introduced the Rank system that meant I had to make a "For Later" stack for those times when I unearthed a currently-restricted monster. Add to that sandboxiness, building, and item-crafting, and it's not hard to see why Isstvan82's played so much of the game. My PC isn't good enough to run original Minecraft, but if I get some money together I might see what I can do about that, eventually. At which point I might show up on some of Isstvan's videos...

That's about it for this week- sorry I'm not statting My Little Pony characters or complaining about Star Wars. Which I really shouldn't be since today is the 35th anniversary of its release, yay! And hey, at least it's actually about video games for a change. And tomorrow we have more video games, as Isstvan will be back with more Rockman 2!

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