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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ogre Battle 52: I Thought it Said "Baltimorean Ruins." I Live in Those.

Durandal, the sword of Figaro, gives +12 to STR, which  is decent enough. Debonair didn't have a sword before, so it's his by right of conquest.

 Today we're off to the Balmoran Ruins. We've got a character to pick up here with Strongth welling. In his body. But it's a bit tricky.

And it's a damn big stage too. Big enough that you can just barely make out the enemy base in the distance. But enough worrying- to battle!

I open by sending Gilbert to take the shop town, which is in the middle of everything, and Kamui to go on our recruiting mission. From there, we pull Hanna(Cleric), Violet(Valkyrie), Ashe(Knight), and Aisha(Priest) to go out and get some experience for themselves. As they begin liberating things, we hear about the Warlock Albeleo, who rules this area, and the Wizard Saradin who he turned to stone. Problem being, there was a master sculptor here, and so Albeleo then had many, many statues of Saradin commissioned, so you have to find the right one.

Gosh, a hidden town at the end of a road going nowhere? THAT NEVER HAPPENS

This should be where we get the magic bell we need to free Saradin, but it's not happening. Oh well, I'll liberate a bunch of crap and then revisit.

Vultan and Gryphons! That takes me back...

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