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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ogre Battle 53: Unexpected Success

So our current goal is to liberate stuff until hopefully we find the trigger for getting the magic Bell. Meantime, that Vultan heads more or less in the direction of our base...

...`course if he goes there he gets Warren, so I'm not terribly concerned.

I've sent Kamui to this town, close to the enemy base, and a host of enemies await him. He'll give it his best show- Seven League Boots forgive a lot of sins. He could actually use a touch of Alignment drop- at the moment I believe he's too much of a Goody Two Shoes(It's a proper name, look it up) to become a Beast Master. Aisha encounters those Gryphons, and you know what high-level Gryphons are? Slippery. When we connect we do respectable damage, but it's landing the hit that's tricky. She loses her second bout with this unit, and Violet takes care of it in a couple bouts more.

This was a happy accident. One of Kamui's birds has a Holy weapon, doing extra damage to the Witches. The other has an Evil weapon, doing more damage to the Priests. Lucky.

To my surprise, Hanna's being largely successful in her push to take this town! Beats me, but I'm happy to see it. There's only a couple more towns after this, so I'll have to get Gilbert flying around to liberate some more and see if that'll let us get Saradin...

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