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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ogre Battle 54: Sects and the City

Hanna the priest got her city. And knocked a lot of heads in getting it. ...in a very pious and Priestly manner, of course.

Kamui faces down a Beast Master with Skeletons, which is tricky. We have one Gryphon with a Holy weapon, but we can't get a firing solution on the Master. So, I swap my birds to the back row, where the Gryphon gets a group attack and the Cockatrice can petrify the unit leader. We win two separate engagements, and ultimately (re)discover that petrification kills Skeletons! Handy.

Payday hits a little sooner than I want, but we're not operating at a loss. I mean, come on! We're trying to liberate the continent for the good of all, but we're not a charity.

And then, at the northernmost town on the map, we hear about the Bell of Light. So we have FLAIL pop back into the hidden town and, success!

Our next target is right here. Canopus is on his way.

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