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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ogre Battle 55: The Avengers is Great. Go See It.

Nice statue, innit? Very... lifelike, wouldn't you say? Time to ring them bells!

And Saradin comes to life! He's been petrified for 20 years. I was going to say stoned for 20 years, but he's not The Dude, after all. He joins the party!

He's absolutely brilliant, and already a Goetic. But he's got some slow-ass Golems with him. I'm going to replace one of them with a Salamander I picked up from Slust or Fenril, and send him up to meet Albeleo, because he's got a bit of a score to settle after being a statue for an entire generation. Gonna be slow going, but we're almost to the end. So we kick FLAIL back to the base, put Warren away, and boot Saradin up to the nearest town. He'll still have to cross the water, but we've got time.

After one hell of a slog through the water and cross-continent, Saradin comes face to face with his petrifactor.

They talk.

They fight. (Heh, he's got a Dragon and a Golem too- didn't plan that...)

We win! Thanks to a LOT of cards. (Fool, World, Emperor, and finally ANOTHER Emperor because the critters can't touch him.)

And so, on to the next battlefield...

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