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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ogre Battle 56: More Fun with Necromancy

...which is here in Antalia! We've got another character to recruit here, but luckily it's a simple thing. All will be revealed soon.

It's a reasonably small stage, with the wall around the city being open at the bottom. So it'll slow us down but not stop us- and I intend to hold onto my bonus Termites until later if I can.

What isn't a simple thing is getting TO the boss. We can't boot anybody next door because there is no next door: the nearest town is up here by the river. So since we've got to pick somebody whose Alignment we don't care about and can get the job done no question, this looks like a job for Warren. But first, let's liberate the countryside and pick up some shinies. Good news is that it'll take the enemy as long to reach us as it will for us to reach them, so we'll hopefully be well encamped in all the major cities by the time they get up here.

This is Omicron, a disgraced priest who turned to necromancy (yes, another one) and fell in with Rashidi(yes, again). He laughs "Ho ho ho," which is Japanaese for "I am a condescending shit." Guess Santa's not too popular in Japan! Omicron's just here to taunt us right now, and the look on his face when Warren burns everything he's built to the ground will be precious.

Lanselot's unit persuades a Cerberus to join us, mainly because it's easier than fighting it. Probably dump it later unless somebody really wants one.

Chaos Gate! Not much else for Gilbert to do but pick up some hidden treasure and then meet with our newest party member...

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