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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ogre Battle 57: Imagine How Effective He'd Be WITH Sullivan!

While finding a hidden treasure (A Snow Mantle, meh) Gilbert sees the enemy. Level 15, so most of us should be fine dealing with them. He's got to cut across their path to go to the next treasure, so we'll see what happens. We get word at one town of Mizal, the Angel we'll be looking to add to our rosters soon. Interestingly, despite the fact that she's an Angel, she's said to be from Valhalla. Things have gone from bad to Norse...

Gilbert skates right past the enemy like they're not even there. Very slick, sir. Very slick. Judging by their trajectory, first contact may be with Ashe or Kamui. They have Ghosts. If it's Kamui, we're good: he's still set up for anti-Ghost warfare. Ashe isn't, so I may boot him downriver and pull whichever Priest is lower level up here.

Meanwhile Gilbert's got a frying pan/fire thing going on. Ninja Masters and Tiamats, Goetics and Skeletons, Priests and Werewolves... nasty. So I guess Ashe can stay put, because it's dangerous all over. The usual reliable Kamui has a hell of a time with that Demon/Cockatrice unit, and I didn't quite realize my stock of Seven League Boots was this low. That could become a problem QUICK. But he ultimately manages to beat back everything thrown at him. I started to say "beat off," but... no. Have I ever mentioned my hypothesis that within 100 years English will be unusable without snickering because everything will be slang for something sexual? Tell your kids so they can hook me up with a trance medium and let me know if I was right.

And Gilbert's found everything I can remember where to find on this map, and now we go here.

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