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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ogre Battle 58: In Which Lich Trumps Necromancer

This is Yushis. I forgot, Mizal's the sister she's looking for, which is why she wants to join me. Naturally we say yes- I'll probably let her replace the generic Angel in the Slust/Fenril/Debonair/Rauny supergroup. But she's not required to liberate this stage, so it's time to put Warren on the road.
FLAIL ends up defending our base, and LOSES. I jam on PAUSE fast as I can and boot him back there, hopefully to do better this time. If we lose our base I have to do all this again, and I won't have that. I ultimately decide that I am not fucking around and play the Death card on the Ninjas and Tiamat. The next group is a Goetic and Skeletons, and my Priest de-bones the unit for me. That gives her enough experience, charisma and alignment to become a Bishop, the best clerical class of all, with two group heals per combat!

Aisha needs some cards to get past a Werewolf unit, and Ashe needs one to deal with Phantoms. Warren's slow, but he's our best shot, so we'll hold.

Nice meaty payday, at least. But needless to say it's something of a relief when Warren gets close enough to Omicron's base that he's taking the brunt of the enemy flow. Ashe ends up with a pair of Paladins, and it's a good thing for how much that cost me in Boots. After several eternities, Warren approaces Omicron. I like to think they swap necromancy secrets, and possibly cookie recipes.

Ooh, he's a Necromancer all right- two group magics. He may at least be a hassle for Warren, but with three Emperor cards to play, I doubt he'll be fatal.

Took one Emperor. Lost one Hellhound, but he lost a lot more. We're done here!

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