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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ogre Battle 62: Why settle for Halfamoot?

Today we're off to Fort Allamoot- yes, we're finally making our way into the Empire proper!

Big. The Fort itself is on the lower left, offscreen.
No way we can cover all the towns, so we'll have to be selective and populate the ones most likely to be attacked. This may require some creative Booting. The shop town's in a desert to the north of the fort- in fact it's the closest town to the fort, meaning it's by necessity going to have to be a place I occupy late in the gameplan.

As we liberate, we learn about our stage bosses: Castor and Pollux, the Gemini Twins! They're giants, and pretty nasty. But we're managing to liberate and loot with a fair degree of success so far without interruption. It's night by the time we've got all the hidden treasure on the map, and still no enemies. I decide to send Kamui towards one of the desert town north of Allamoot and make a move for the shop town.

Canopus recruits a Tiamat! Not sure if want, but I'll worry about it later.

Kamui grabs the desert town and we kick Violet the Freija to hold it whilst we move onto the shop town.

Speaking of Freijas! Ashe is up next- hope he can live through it...

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