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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ogre Battle 63: Freijas Where There Shouldn't Be Freijas, No Freijas Where There Should Be Freijas

So, can Ashe survive the Freija squad?

...kinda! He took one of them out, and none of us died, so it's a net win. So we Boot him back to battle.

Looks like they missed Kamui setting up camp on their doorstep! Good. After a small fortune in supplies, Ashe wins his engagement.

Getting kind of busy here! But I just remembered something that might be a problem: Violet's not yet a Freija. She's just a Valkyrie. Oops. She loses a Knight, but offs the unit leader. Good enough for now. But... looking at that pile of troops zeroing in on Kamui, I see three back-row Ninja Masters- a Lich's worth of firepower -and I am not pleased. Time for Warren.

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